Saturday 1/6

I'm in DC. The flights went well, except that they list my baggage- again. Jennifer and Ethan picked me up at the airport and Sophie learned to say my name when we got home :D we had a nice dinner and Malin joined us. Then we went out for some frozen yoghurt. Right now I'm waiting for the bus to Georgetown and I think I just saw a cockroach for the fist time in my life. Euuuw! It's warm here, about 33 degrees C. Tomorrow I'm gonna help Malin to get ready for her dance performance, and then
watch the show. Hope y'all doing well back home!

Postat av: mum

hi malin!

nice hearimg from dc

we are doing fine, farmor o farfar var hår ikväll bjöd dem på aprlsinchokladen till kaffet


2013-06-04 @ 22:17:10

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