I'm in DC.

It is sooooo good to be here!! I had a great flight from Amsterdam, I slept about half of the flight. I sat next to a girl from Sweden, although she was really from Korea I think. Her sister picked her up at the airport and offered to drive me to Tyson's corner, where Malin was gonna pick me up. So I didn't have to take the shuttle bus :D it was great to see Malin again. She drove me home to the family. My family. Oh they had missed me so much! Ethan was playing with my hair all night and helping me to wash my face and change clothes. Sophie is cuter than ever! She have curly hair now and can walk!! And Jennifer and Jonathan.. Well, they told me that I'm not a guest- I'm family, and I think that's all I need to say.

It is now 8:30am Saturday, and today we are celebrating Ethan's birthday with a party at the fire station in Glen Echo Park. Fun! I'll write soon again.

Postat av: Grisen

Men hur går det med dig och stormen då?

Svar: Hey Gris! Jodå, vi klarade oss undan stormen bättre än väntat här i DC. Men det gick ju inte att lämna huset kan jag säga!Kramar!

2012-10-30 @ 20:15:58

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