Our trip to the Bahamas

I'm back home in MD now and thought you might want to hear a little bit about the Bahamas. Not everything though, some things that happened in the Bahamas stays in the Bahamas ;) Simone, jy weet wat ek bedoel :P I'm writing in English in case Simone would like to read.

We chilled at the airport for a few hours on the Saturday morning, waiting for our flight. The flight went smooth and we changed in Atlanta, GA. We got a free drink at the airport, nice ;) We arrived to our hotel on Providence island, Bahamas around 2pm I think. We stayed at Wyndham Nassau Resort, and when we booked the trip, we got a really good deal including a free room-upgrade if there was a room available. When we got there we asked for a room-upgrade when we checked in. We got the upgrade and as we walked into our room we freaked out. We had an ocean view room with the beach and clear blue water right below our balcony on the 8th floor. Amaaaaaazing!!!

One of the hotel towers.

The view from our balcony

But, because of the nice view we wanted to have the balcony doors open, of course, and a bird flew into our room. You who know me knows how afraid I am of birds, so I freaked out and started to scream. Simone chased the bird back out, thank god. Our plan was to chill on the beach the first day, but the weather wasn't very nice. So we looked around at the hotel and got ready to go out. Then we went to Seaside, a restaurant at the hotel. They had a buffet which was the best one I have ever had, with all kind of food and desserts. We were really hungry and ate way too much. We felt like we were gonna burst and could hardly walk. So we decided not to go out and just went to the casino to play a little bit instead.

I woke up early and took some pictures of the beautiful sunrise from our balcony, then I went back to bed again.

We were supposed to go on the dolphin encounter we booked, but since the weather still wasn't very nice we rescheduled to Monday. The weather wasn't really bad, it was warm but cloudy and it was windy. And it would probably feel cold to be in the water. There is a bus called the jitney that goes from Nassau and to different places on the island. Number 10 went between Cable Beach and Nassau, so thats the bus we were using during the days.

Me and Simone are waiting for the jitney

The jitney was always so much fun, with no rules and the door open ;)

We went to Arawak Cay where they have their famous fish fry, a typical "Bahamian ting" as they call it. They had a lot of fish fry restaurants next to each other along the street, and as we were walking and trying to decide which one to go to, we met a Bahamian man who asked where we were from. We told him that Simone is from South Africa and I am from Sweden, and he started to talk about ABBA!! He knew some song, I think is´t was dancing queen. Quite funny i thought.

Me and the ABBA-guy

We had the grilled conch which is a kind of shell (we didn't eat the shell, but the meat in it) you can find in the water in the Caribbean that is very popular. It was really good. And we drank Bahama Mama, which was very good as well ;) Unfortunately, birds came to sit at the table next to us so I had to leave. After lunch we walked along the beach to Nassau. We passed this one place, right on the beach, where they sold drinks. The squeezed fruits, like banana, mango, coconut, melon and a lot of other different kind of fruit, and if you want to, they add rum. It was delicious!

Me & Simone

When we got to Nassau we went to the straw market, a big tent where women sit and sell all kinds of different handmade things. A bit annoying, they really tried to force us to buy things. I actually didn't buy much. We looked around in a few different stores, but since this was a Sunday, most of the places closed early or they were closed all day.

The straw market

I bought:

The police in the Bahamas looks like this

My feet after a day in Nassau looks like this :P

When we came back to the hotel we had the buffet at Seaside again and then went to the casino and later we went to sit by the bar in the casino. Simone and I both had the southern comfort, and before Simone even started on her drink she accidentally spilled the whole drink. The nice bartender gave her a new one, and halfway through that one she did the same thing again, and the drink tipped over. Simone, I'm sorry to say this but it was quite funny ;P We met some strange guys at the bar who we talked to for a couple of hours, so we went to bed much later than we planned. Which we had to suffer for the next day.

I don't know if our alarms went off or not, but neither of us woke up. At least not when we were supposed to. We woke up at 1pm (!!!!) and freaked out because we missed our dolphin encounter. We went downstairs to the agency who we booked the activity with, and they got us a new dolphin encounter on the Tuesday morning. We also booked the snorkeling for Tuesday afternoon.  Thank god. We decided to go to Nassau and see the "Pirates of Nassau" museum. As you know, the Caribbean is well known for their pirates, most of you have probably seen Pirates of the Caribbean. Apparently, Nassau- the capitol of the Bahamas, was the center for the pirates in the 18th century. So we went to this museum which was amazing, very well done. There was a pirate outside of the museum, a very funny one, who welcomed us. We learned all kind of facts about the pirates, and found out about which myths was true and false. Don't worry, I won't write everything down, you will see pictures ;)
Afterwards we did some shopping in Nassau and we discovered that there were a big fire in town the night before. We saw the burned  buildings, it was horrible, really sad.


Bahamians gambling on the street

Then we went to a place called Senor Frogs for dinner. We had read about this place in all our Bahamas-books, it was supposed to be good. And we had coupons for free drinks there as well. So we started with an appetizer and then, event hough we were full, we had our dinner. I had Tacos, it was really good. We drank margaritas with dinner and then we moved on to other drinks. At Senor Frogs, or the frog place as we called it, there was one person whose job was to entertain the people. He was a lot of fun and made sure we were having a good time. When he heard that we are from Sweden and South Africa, he took the microphone, and I was thinking oh no, cause they were singing karaoke. But he just wanted to tell the rest of the guests where we were from, and he asked the DJ to play the world-cup song. Then he went to get a waiter to give me a lapdance. OMG. Even the DJ came over every now and then to make sure we were having fun. He was really sweet ;) A bit later, a guy walks over to us and starts to talk to Simone. It turns out he is from South Africa as well. He was working on the cruise ship in the harbor and he were there with a bunch of other people working on the boat from Venezuela, Mexico, Philippines and Wales. They were so much fun to talk to, and one of the guys from Philippines bought us drinks all night. So we could save our money ;) When our new friends had to go back to the boat, I said (kissed) the DJ goodbye and we left shortly after. Senor Frog is a very fun and entertaining place and we loved it!

We woke up at 7am for our dolphin encounter, and went to the taxi. Due to the fire in Nassau, they had closed down some of the streets downtown and the traffic was really bad. The driver decided to take some smaller backstreets further in on the island instead of the mainstreet, so we got to see that side of the island, which didn't look very nice at all. The standard was low and many houses looked like they were about to break down any day. The taxi droped us off on The Paradise Island from where we took a boat to the Blue Lagoon Island where the dolphin encounter were.

Simone :)

We met the guy who was going to be with us and first he gave us a lecture about dolphins. We put wet suits on, which I have never done before, and then we met the dolphin, Salvador. He was soooo adorable! The sweetest ever. He danced for us, gave us high 5, hugged us, kissed us and he did all kinds of tricks for us. We got to pet him and feel his teeth. Wonderful! We chilled a bit on the beautiful island before our boat came.

We went back to Paradise Island with the boat, and walked to Atlantis where the bus was supposed to pick us up and take us to the boat to Stuart Cove, where we were going to go snorkeling. We were there early and asked at the desk at Atlantis if we were at the right place, and we were. But the bus didn't come. We waited and waited. We talked to the people at the desk, and they called the company, and apparently, the woman who booked our snorkeling was supposed to call them back and confirm, but she didn't. But the people at Atlantis were very nice and helpful, so they put us on another snorkeling boat for free.

We had some time before the boat came to pick us up, so we looked arount a little bit at Atlantis. All I can say is WOW, it was amazing. So beautiful, I wish I had pictures to show you how it looked like inside, but I don't. Only a few pictures from the outside. It must be the nicest hotel resort I have ever seen, but I bet it is crazy expencive. We agreed thought, that we wouldn't like to stay there because it's more like a family place. And it is so big, you have to take a shuttle bus around the hotel. I read in a book that a lot of people who stay at Atlantis never eaven leave the hotel area because there is so much to do there, but that is just sad. Why go on vacation and just stay at the hotel?? Plus, on Paradise island there are just tourists, no Bahamians. We met a lot of Bahamians, and got the whole local experience and tips from the people who live there. Even if Atlantis is an amazing resort, I wouldn't want to stay there.


Anyway, the boat came to pick the group up, and we went to a place called Stuart Cove. Neither Somone or I had ever snorkeled before, so we were a bit nurvous but very excited. Simone jumped in the water first, and her goggles fell off! She was laughing and couldn't put them back on again. I got a scared, I hate jumping in the water and getting water in my mouth and eyes. The guys who drove the boat and helped us were so funny, and when I said I wanted to go down on the stairs, they called me a chicken. So I jumped. But I sat down and jumped so my goggeles managed fine. It was hard in the beginning, to breathe through your mouth instead of your nose, and the swimfeet just made it harder I thaught. But it got easier, and it was amazing. The reefes where beautiful, not in pretty colors as you see on TV, but still very beautiful. And the fishes were yellow, blue, pink and all kinds of colors, and they vere very beautiful as well. I'm a bit afraid of fishes, I don't want them to come to close to me, but it went fine. The day before I bought a underwater throwaway camera, Simone bought one as well. I couldn't see what I was taking pictures of with my goggles on, but it was fun. Simone and I goofed around in the water, laughing about everything and nothing. We talked to two of the other guys who were snorkling as well, and they said something funny and the laughing made me swallow a lot of water.

We were in the water for quite a long time, and then we got back up on the boat and drove to another place to snorkel. But Simone and I didn't feel good, it was probably the water we swallowed. So we stayed on the boat, some of the other people stayed as well.



When we came back to Paradise Island, we took a taxi to Nassau and then we got on the jitney back to Cable Beach. The funniest thing ever (we thought) happened on the bus! Behind us there were two tourists sitting next to each other, a man and a woman. A Bahamian guy was sitting next to the woman. On the radio there was the song playing that goes "I wanna know what love is, I want you to show me. I wanna feel what love is...." and the bus driver shouted the name of the hotel we passed. The woman didn't hear what he said, so she asked the Bahamian guy next to her. He thought she meant the song, so he said "I wanna know what love is", and then he started to quote the lyrics of the song. We thought it was so hilarious and started laughing like crazy. We laughed about it for days, and now I'm laughing when I think about it. Maybe not so much fun for you guys, but if you were there you would laugh, I promise ;)

We were so tired, we took a nap when we got home, and woke up much later then planned. We went to Senor Frogs and had a few drinks, then we went to a nightclub called Bambu, just down the street. Bambu is more like European clubs (=it was good ;)). We danced all night looong, made some friends and had a really good time :)

Simone, jy weet wat ek bedoel met 'n baie goeie tyd ;P

Senor Frogs


On our last day we didn't really have time to do anything, our bus left the hotel at 11:30 am. So we just packed our things, got ready and checked out from the hotel. We were both depressed about leaving our paradise and go back to winterland. The flight went very smooth with a stop in Atlanta, and wonderful Malin picked us up at the airport in Virginia. Luckily the winter was gone and it was actually warm outside.

Overall, we had the time of our lives, so much fun and we LOVE the Bahamas! We love the weather, the beaches, the food, and maybe most of all- the people! All the people, except the women from the straw market, were the nicest ever. They were all so happy and friendly and provided a positive atmosphere. Simone, I'm so glad we did this! Thank you!! <3 And to everybody else, I can highly recommend the Bahamas!

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hi malin!

Vilka underbara bilder. Sitter här i kylan o drömmer oss bort. Här är fortfarande kallt o snö men hoppas på vår snart. Ha det så gott. Många kramar till dej från oss.

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